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La Grande Journée du Coeur (13 juin 2023)
Les vidéos sont en ligne !

La Grande Journée du Coeur (mardi 13 juin 2023)
Les présentations sont en ligne

Coordinate clinical trials, raise awareness in companies , carry out centralized analyses : ACTION-Cœur provides its expertise to fight cardiovascular diseases.

Coordination of clinical trials

With more than 10 years experience in coordinating clinical trials, ACTION-Cœur offers assistance in protocol writing, regulatory submissions, study monitoring and management, organization of clinical events committees, statistical analyses or drafting of scientific papers.

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Companies play a major role in the health of its employees. ACTION-Cœur proposes training and awareness campaigns on cardiovascular diseases intended for their employees.

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Centralized analyzes for studies

ACTION-Cœur is able to provide centralized solutions in biological analyses or imaging :
  • Platelet function tests ;
  • ECG
  • Genetics ;
  • Analysis of thrombus and fibrin clots ;
  • Biology
  • Platelet funciton; anticoagulation
  • Medical imaging.
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