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Tribute to Prof Jean-Philippe COLLET

Founding member and volunteer of ACTION Endowment Fund

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Dear Colleagues, Ladies, Gentlemen,

It is with deep sadness and immense emotion that we would like to inform you of the death of Professor Jean-Philippe Collet, which occurred suddenly on December 15, 2023, at the age of 58.. His disappearance leaves the teams of the Cardiology Institute in great disarray, with immeasurable pain and a void impossible to fill.

Professor Collet was much more than a brilliant cardiologist. He was a great physician, a renowned interventional cardiologist, a passionate humanist, a dedicated teacher and a world-class researcher. His dedication to his patients was exemplary, his compassion, availability and empathy redefined the doctor-patient relationship. He was capable of combining medical skill, technicality and humanity, thus offering his patients invaluable support in difficult times. He was also an outstanding teacher, long responsible for the teaching of our department, appreciated by students and our younger colleagues. He loved to supervise interns, master's students, doctoral students or young academics inspired by his spirit and his kindness. Above all, he was one of the most prolific researchers in the world in his field, demonstrating that one can excel in all hospital-university skills. In this he is an example for all. 

Professor Collet took over as head of the cardiology department at Pitié-Salpêtrière hospital in 2022. His natural leadership was indisputable. In addition to his exceptional medical skills, he was a guide, mentor and motivator to his entire team. His charisma and ability to inspire transformed the cardiology department into a place of excellence and innovation, where each member of the team was encouraged to reach their full potential.

Beyond his status as a leader, Professor Collet was recognized for his unwavering kindness. Always approachable and modest, he was generous, attentive and loved by all his colleagues. We will always remember his kind smile, his availability and his willingness to share his knowledge. His door was always open, whether to discuss matters, to provide advice or simply to offer moral support.

His leadership role was not limited to the walls of the hospital. Professor Collet was also a natural leader in the field of cardiology internationally. His innovative ideas, clear vision and commitment to randomized trials have changed international recommendations and clinical practice on many topics in modern cardiology. 

Professor Collet was more than a colleague; he was a friend, a confidant and a role model to all those lucky enough to work alongside him. His colleagues, his students, his patients and all those who had the chance to know him mourn the loss of an exceptional man, of rare intelligence and humanity, who devoted his life to the cardiology of the Public Hospital.

At this difficult moment, we bow with respect and gratitude to his memory. His legacy will live on through the knowledge he shared, the lives he saved, and the inspiration he sowed. 

We join in the pain of his wife Hélène, his three children Antoine, Alexis and Olivier, and his entire family.

The Cardiology Institute Teams
La Pitié-Salpêtrière University Hospital

To honour the memory of Professor Collet, his family would like to award a grant to a student to support a cardiovascular research project.

If you wish to make a donation for the JP Collet Research Award, please click here.